Unique IT system by HJ Bakker saves customers a significant amount of time

IT systeem HJ Bakker

As an international distribution partner, HJ Bakker operates across Europe for various major (fashion) brands. We have developed a unique IT system to offer our customers maximum convenience and flexibility. A connection between our own system and the customer’s IT system forms the basis. However, the practical functionalities we have added truly make the difference. […]

Career of Krisje takes an unexpected turn

Nieuwe wagen voor Krisje

For years, Krisje dreamed of a career as a truck driver. At DM Logistics, that dream came true. Until her wrists disrupted everything. Due to hypermobility, she suffered pain and had to stop driving. Despite this setback, Krisje remained optimistic and eagerly accepted our invitation to become our very first night coordinator.   Dream shattered […]

DM Logistics invests in electric truck

DM investeert in elektrische truck

By the end of 2024, it will arrive: DM Logistics’ first electric truck. This keeps us welcome in cities with zero-emission zones. We’re investing in electric driving now, even though the Netherlands isn’t fully ready for a completely emission-free logistics sector. Despite the challenges, we prefer to be prepared for the future.   AanZET subsidy […]

A distinctive employer?!?

You can’t ignore it: it’s tough to find new employees in this market. Many companies struggle to keep their team staffed. Yet, we manage to grow. We’re giving you a little peek behind the curtain to show you how we pull it off. Exintra is the group name for 3 logistics service providers: HJ Bakker […]

Shipping coordinator Etienne thrives at ENL

In 2016, Etienne started working directly from school in the warehouse of HJ Bakker Logistics. He enjoyed it so much that Etienne put his plan to continue studying on hold. After all, you learn the most in practice.. Learning hands-on After 1.5 years at HJ Bakker’s warehouse, Etienne became a team leader. He put in […]

Warehouse worker Jorien is thinking in terms of opportunities

Jorien is a real all-rounder in the warehouse of HJ Bakker. She sorts cargoes, takes over tasks from team leaders and also drives the forklift. Something she herself enjoys enormously. “With my hearing impairment, I thought I would never be able to drive a forklift. A doctor approved it and HJ Bakker was willing to […]

Head of planning Rudy likes a challenge

As DM Logistics head of planning, Rudy makes sure freight gets from A to B. He enjoys challenging situations where it seems impossible to get everything planned. When he still manages to get the job done, he feels invincible.   Making the impossible possible In 2015, Rudy started as a planner. He has since become […]

Mustafa enjoys his freedom as a truck driver

Mustafa vrachtwagenchauffeur

Mustafa has found his dream job as a truck driver. He works outside, no one looks over his shoulder and he is home every day around 2 p.m. He gave up his job as a hairdresser for it. The best decision ever. As a hairdresser, Mustafa worked indoors. Clients and colleagues were literally watching him […]

Driving in style with new company clothing

Nieuwe bedrijfskleding DM

DM Logistics opts for a uniform appearance with a complete set of company clothing for all drivers. In time, colleagues from our labels HJ Bakker Logistics and ENL will also follow.   Recognizable and professional appearance of our drivers The set of company clothing consists of a polo, jacket, fleece vest and poncho. Our DM […]

Exintra on the way to sustainable transport

Sustainability and transport, do they go together? As far as we are concerned, yes. The challenges are great, but the Exintra Group invests heavily in sustainability. This is how we take our responsibility and prepare for the introduction of the zero-emission zones. Smart use of our fleet Some would prefer to ban diesel trucks tomorrow. […]